Flint Knapping at the Moot

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Flint Knapping at the Moot - 9-11th August

Flint knapping is always a popular one at the Moot and this year it's great to have Morten Kutschera, the master flint knapper from Norway with us at the Moot.

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Come join Morten Kutschera for some fun and informative short sessions focusing on flint knapping, during the Northern European Stone Age. The techniques covered will introduce students to the most commonly used techniques from the Palaeolithic through to the early Bronze Age. You will come away from each session with a new skill such as direct or indirect blade production, percussion work and bifacing or pressure flaking! Experience or previous knowledge about flint tools or flint knapping is not required. All tools and flint will be provided

A basic plan is below so that a few different things are covered

Maximum 8 people per session, £15.00 per person per session

Morten Kutschera Knapping Courses Bush Moot

Morning 10- 11:30
Afternoon 1- 3:30

  • Mesolithic flake axes and direct percussion blades

  • Indirect percussion blades

  • Mesolithic flake axes and direct percussion blades

  • Bifacing with soft hammer and pressure flaking

  • Bifacing with soft hammer and pressure flaking

  • Revision Session

Blade Point Morten.jpg

Here's some more information about Morten Kutschera:


Morten Kutschera is a master flint knapper, experimental archaeologist and well known replica-maker based in Bergen, Norway. With over 25 years’ experience working in public archaeology, giving lectures and flint knapping demonstrations at museums across Norway, he has been one of the pioneers in teaching prehistory through activity-based instruction. His ideas and replicas are currently widely used in teaching programs across Norway within his company 'Morten Kutschera's Prehistoric Arts and Crafts'.

Within the field of academic archaeology, and throughout his career as a field archaeologist, Morten's main focus has been on the lithic technology of the Early Mesolithic and Late Upper Palaeolithic industries of North-Western Europe. Over the years, however, his interests expanded to encompass materials besides stone and he is now capable of reproducing a wide range of tools, weapons, accessories and utensils from different time periods using bone, antler, wood, and other organic materials.

Each replicated item combines authenticity and attention to details with functionality; it is not enough that a replica looks good, if it was not produced in a period appropriate fashion or cannot be used for the artefacts intended purpose. Replicas produced by Morten can be found in museums across Norway and Denmark. Due to his research background and location, his primary focus has been Scandinavian archaeology and material culture, but recently he has taken on more international projects.

Despite widening his scope of craft materials, Morten is first and foremost a flint knapper who constantly challenges himself to expand his repertoire of techniques through continued archaeological research based replication. This willingness to push the boundaries of his skill set has allowed him to accumulate a broad array of both Eurasian and American knapping technologies.

This is reflected in his teaching style where students will learn much more than how to produce a pretty projectile point. Courses cover a wide range of different technologies, from the basics of fracture mechanics to advanced techniques ranging from bifacing to indirect percussion, all of which are based on his expertise as an archaeological lithic analyst. This gives students the opportunity to learn not just the how-to aspects of knapping, but to enrich that process by knowing when, where and by whom their newly acquired skills were used in the past.

facebook.com/MKs-Prehistoric- Arts-Crafts

First come first served at the Moot unless you contact me prior to the workshops.

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Feb 8, 2010
Tony, is it contact here? If so, I'd like a place on the Wednesday morning if possible!

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