Fjallraven skogso padded jacket

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Dec 25, 2019
I was lucky enough to get a fjallraven skogso jacket for Christmas and having worn it regularly since, I thought it would be worth posting a review of it.

I've always been a beleiver in a modular system such as down jacket + gortex shell (or equivalents), which does me for town, bushcraft, mountaineering, backpacking etc. So this new insulated, parka style jacket is a departure for me.

My first impression on on unpacking it was of was of sheer quality. It feels robust, well insulated yet not overly heavy. It has a bit of bulk and weight to it but I don't really notice this once I have it on. I'm six foot one and in the large size it feels roomy, the arms a little too long. But in the mirror it looks good. Smart but not overstated. Well fitting but not particularly fitted as such.

On zipping it up, what I love - and what I've missed in previous jackets - is the collar rising up to easily cover my chin, while the lower hem sits on my thighs. And the hood is big, but cinches down tight. Plenty of pockets too. I can distribute hat, gloves and scarf easily without bulging in odd places.

So how does it perform? I wore it to a bushcraft course a couple of weekends back with the temperature around freezing. I did have a down waistcoat underneath, and I could stand around doing nothing quite comfortably. It seems to fend off showers without difficulty. It is simply a pleasure to wear.

I've not worn my down jacket or gortex shell since. Although in the warmer months the fjallraven will take shelter in the wardrobe until winter. I probably wouldn't wear the fjallraven on a back packing trip where space is at a premium, because it does not pack down small. However, on a walk up some of British hills in winter conditions... I might well give it a go as an alternative to my previous modular system; reason being, I genuinely enjoy wearing it.

I highly recommend.
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