Sold Fjall Raven Hellags 40lt Rucksack

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Ross Bowyer

Full Member
Apr 29, 2004
Hi All,

I'm selling my Fjall Raven Hellags 40lt rucksack. I've had this rucksack for years and it has been with me on many trips.

It is no longer sold and rarely comes up for sale second hand. The two side pockets make this pack really easy to organise and it is the perfect Bushcraft Day Pack.

The main issue is that the two zips on the wait belt pockets have seized up and one trip pull has come off. It should be free-able if soaked it WD40 for a while. See Pictures

Here is a review of the rucksack on YouTube.

I really don't want to sell this, but I am trying to clear space in the house!!

Price: £80 via PayPal, incl P&P in Uk

IMG_3710.jpg IMG_3711.jpg IMG_3712.jpg IMG_3713.jpg IMG_3714.jpg
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