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Probably been asked before but:

I've decided that next time we go to the coast I'm going to take a rod for fishing of the rocks - something I've not done since I was a kid. Having cleared my parents house when they moved, I've now got a 12" glass beach caster (30yrs old) and an old cane boat rod (thick so I guess it for sea fishing). Both are in good nick.

The question is which one should I use or would it be better getting new a telescoping sea fishing rod - say about 7" in length when open.
I've got one of these i bought about 4 years ago.

Instant Fisherman

folds down to about 12", can easily fit in a rucksack.
Not really "used" it properly though.... but quite good... looks small and flimsy but it can hold a fair bit of weight and is quite sturdy

Not as good a "proper" one, but would be good if you want to take something with you incase you come across somewhere, wouldn't take it if i was going on a dedicated fishing expedition ;)


bushwacker bob

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 22, 2003
If your fishing off rocks, either rod would do as you dont need to cast very far
the beach rod would come into its own on a flat sandy beach so you can cast beyond the 'shelf' into deeper water.On rocky coastlines the fish are often beneath your feet! as they can be quite close to the rocks.Wrass and pollock are probably the most likely catches,but you never know what may turn up :lol:


Jul 16, 2004
Gåskrikki North Lincs
Watch your footing on those rocks, EdS.

Too many regular rock fishermen have had their limbs and features re-arranged by falls, especially making the cast.

You didnt mention just what type of reel you would be using .

For sure, when rockfishing, if you aint floatfishing , or spinning, then your baits are in amongst the clemmies and you will need good strong line and preferably a good strong multiplier reel. Its casting potential dosnt have to be great, you dont need distance.

To garth back a fish, a lump of weed, or even to just free your weight, you need to exert a fair old force sometimes. The thing is, I doubt an old glassie has got the backbone for this, The old boatrod would be too short.

Best bet would be to trawl through the adverts to get an idea what to look for, then get round the junk shops or second hand tackle places and get something pokey.
Theres only 3 things to look out for
1. a good strong reelseat, not a slider.
2, all the rings have intact liners and the tip ring is unmarked.
3. beware any major damage to the blank, if theres loads of sticky-tape everywhere, bet your boots its been dropped or trapped in a car door!

Finally, go with someone who knows the dangers of the marks you intend to fish, if you follow the angling press , you will be aware that anglers get swilled into the sea, every year.