first shots for 10 years. 22 air rifle...

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
well gents, having no place to shoot the 12 g i have as a result be forced to return to the BSA Lightning .22 springer air rifle. after not having fired the thing properly for around 10 years i thought i would be totally pants and miss every thing and just all become an epic fail....:(:(:(:(:(

well after thinking it was best to re-zero the old girl it was time for the real thing, the zeroing went well and after 2 sets of 3 rounds to bring me on and another 3 rounds to check it was not a fluke, we where sorted for the bunnies...:):):):)

well to my surprise the first bunny i got with in range of went down with no effort at all, a plum shot between the shoulders and head from behind....:) was very surprised to say the least, but very very happy i had not messed it up.

after a little wonder around in stealth mode i caught a glimpse of 2 bunnies in open field, using the very small few bits of cover there where i managed to get within range, i even took this shot through some bushes with around a 4" round hole to shoot through, about 4-5 foot in front, just enough to allow for the scope barrel difference from where i was, if i had moved out the bunny would have done one for sure.take your time, breathing, in and out, nice and slow, in and out, long breath in and half way out, first stage on the trigger as you breath out, and squeez, boink goes the spring, and crack/thud, the bunny sitting on its haunches jumped about 2 feet in the air with shock, where is it, oh b***er, no its ok still there, laying on the floor where it landed.....:):):):) clean shot just below and back from the eye socket...:) all good...:):)

following my tracks back to where i came from, a bunny runs out, adrenaline rushes through me, i can feel myself shaking, no support or rest rifle in the shoulder, i rush the shot and miss...:(:(:(

but all in all a very good evening out, a forgot what a buzz it is to go small weapon shooting, field craft being the key to it all, stealth an cunning against sitting miles away and popping things off....

very please with how i performed, but then i did used to shoot 1,000 meters when i was 15 years old...:rolleyes:

sorry but no picture im afraid, i left my phone at home by mistake...:(

will be going out again real soon though...:)


Sep 26, 2011
That sounds a great little trip out, and looks like riding a bike, once learnt not easily forgotten ;)
Bet the bunnies will taste real good.


Dec 28, 2010
nice one chris ive not been hunting with my air rifle, apart from the crows off the chimney,since i moved 10 years ago and left my permission behind :(
but i just could nt get rid of my rifle ive had i since i was 18 its still spot on with nothing done to it apart from a wipe over with an oily cloth.
maybe one day i may get permission for shooting with woods aswell to camp in :cool:

hope you enjoy them tasty rabbits goodjob

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