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First of all hello to everyone...

This is my first attempt at making any kind of knife my father does hawking and needed a good knife so I thought I'd have a go from scratch,

I started out with a bar of 01 steel 30mm x 4mm

Roughly cut out with a hacksaw

Little work on the grinder

Gave me this

Now time to bevel the blade edge I made this jig from a link I found on the net, all done with varying size files...

Gave me this!

Next to diamond polishing stones used wet

I missed a bit here as I got a bit excited as the next step which was forging the blade, this I did by hollowing out the centre of a large air/fire brick then drilled a hole in the side to let a propane torch in, I heated the blade until the metal became un-magnetic the quenched it quickly in a 2 gallon of cooking oil then reheated it with the torch to hopefully temper it and ended up with this...

A bit more polishing!

Now for the handle I used Amboyna burr

Cut roughly to shape

Drilled out

Pins used for attaching, these are hollow rod as I added buffalo horn as an insert!

Roughed up the tang and handle

Joined together with epoxy

Clamped up

After 24hrs I sanded it all around to follow the tang...

Now for shaping the handle again with varying size files

And sandpaper right up to 2000 grit

now it's steeped in a solution of 50% linseed oil 30% turps and 20% Danish oil for 36hrs

Dried for a week a lightly buffed I'm not 100% happy with the finish so I may try something different soon...

Sharpened it to 20 degrees and it easily take hairs off my arms...

Hope you like I'm really happy with for a first go... Please let me know what you think!


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Jun 9, 2005
Go away.................. Your work is rubbish............... we dont want stuff like that on here............even if it is your first go............................

Better send it over to me so I can dispose of t safely

:You_Rock_ :You_Rock_ :You_Rock_ :You_Rock_ :You_Rock_ :You_Rock_ :You_Rock_

Nice Job looks cracking! let us know when you have a sheath made

:lmao: :You_Rock_ :sad6:


Oct 31, 2007
In a field (Worcestershire)
That is very nice, can see you've really put the effort in to get such a perfect finish.

I'm especially impressed with the way you've done that bevel, any chance of a look at that link for the jig.



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Feb 3, 2008
North Wales
Ye gods, if that's your first, I'm not bothering making any more. Puts my meagre efforts to shame, very well done mate. Of course, I hate you, naturally. :)



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Jan 2, 2005
Central Brazil
That's mighty fine for a first knife! Keep at it, you'll be one to watch. Send it to me and I'll make a sheath, and field test it. I'll even send you a postcard letting you know how it went... Mac


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Aug 18, 2005
superb, you have inspired me to try and make my own knife as well now.

Well Done !!

Where did you get the idea for materials, shape and dimensions from?


Mar 13, 2008
Great knife.
If I may...
- drill the pin holes before hardening- should be easier
- finish handels from blade- facing side before gluing- You may have noticed that it's is very hard to finish then after gluing.

Hope You know what I mean.

Anyway- really good job. My first isn't half that good.