First meeting of SWB

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Feb 3, 2008
The first meet of SWB went really well,the food was fantastic.We had chilli and rice for friday tea-time,fried breakfast on sat and sun venison with carrots ,parsnip,onions,leeks and potatoes for late lunch saturday and then a stunning lamb stew for saturday supper.
On the saturday we went for a walk,some went to the top of Maen Madoc and photographed the cairn on the top of Sarn Helen (a roman road) and some went around the forestry plantation above the site.Later some went for a walk down the river to see the caves.While we were there some cavers dissapeared into the rock face through a downward sloping hole that had a river running down it,braver than me!
John Fenna practiced his new net making skills and made a net to hang from trees as a storage area to keep kit of the ground.
Lloyd made a spoon and Jungle re made a kuska,the first one split and his dog nicked the second,it was a brilliant cup all hand made with an axe,a saw and a knife.The dog thought it was a toy and chewed it,I think Will managed to salvage it though.
All in all a great weekend in a cracking spot with fantastic company,can't wait for the next one.
Thanks to all who attended and made it a good weekend.

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
I too had a cracking time - despite there being a drop of overnight rain on Friday night (the curse is yet to be broken!)!
Meeting up with the gang was great - even though many could not make this meet - and practicing bushy skills was great too.
I was impressed with Capt'n Badgers Self Bow - I loosed 2 arrows from it both of which hit the stave target...100% record! I then retired unbeaten...until young Lewis on his first shoot ever also hit the target twice!
A great meet, great food and great company and a great sunny and dry finish so my tarp and chute went home dry for once!
Roll on the next meet!


Dec 15, 2005
Sounds like a great spot you've found there guys

Some cracking photos jungle_re, looking forward to some more :)