First ever meet at Cowclose County Durham

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rancid badger

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
I was very pleased to meet up with you all, even if I didn't end up camping!

As I've already tried to get across to people, this place has enormous potential and leaves the alternative legal locations, in the North East of England, for dead quite frankly.

It was mentioned by someone that the whole place seems alive, with constant birdsong and the trickling of water in the brook.

I've no idea what it is exactly, but I suspect it's the fact that there is such a mixture of terrain, flora and fauna, coupled with being just far enough off the beaten track, to be a bit of a "lost world".:confused:

Any way here's a few of my pictures;:eek:



Ps: the track is in excellent form at the moment by the way
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Feb 13, 2013
wow ll the photos look great! ok so lets talk bout the next meeting, ive found n area thts flat with n abundence of brash to cler so im wainting t make a start on the brash round house

how does the weekend of the 24th of my sound?

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