fat aeric and some ideas

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Don Redondo

Jan 4, 2006
NW Wales
wow... what can I say.

ordered at 4pm from Alpkit, was with me at 8.30 the next morning.

It's big, way bigger than any other sleeping mat I ever had, and thick and wide and long.

Did I say it was big?

It's quite heavy too, so not for you ultralight packers out there.

It has straps to hold it together and a sack that is big and wide enough to avoid busting a gut trying to ease Aeric into it.

[usual disclaimer - nothing to do with Alpikit etc etc]

Now, an aside.

I've been a hammockeer for a while but buying the Millets tipi has conviced me that going back down to the ground on occasion should'nt be dismissed, certainly in winter when you can be 'confined to quarters' because of the weather. But one of the problems I've had with mats in the past is my propensity to roll off them.

Fat Aeric should solve that, but I want to take the idea further, since I find that even my extra large snuggpak navigator is too tight around my shoulders.

I'm wondering about custom making a bedroll type thing that incorporates the mat in a bottom pocket with a wider quilt type thing above it in another, much roomier pocket - maybe the hammock underquilt could do this bit and become something less 'one trick'.

Comments, suggestions?


Sep 6, 2005
South Northants
Fat Airics are rather large aren't they ? Did you notice that with yours by any chance ? :D As a confirmed "ground dweller" myself (Back problems prohibit me to consider a hammock) I decided that if I was going to get a kip-mat I might as well get a big one and be as comfortable as possible. The Fat Airic certainly fits the bill.
The first time I used mine "in anger" was at the Chedworth meet, where I was sleeping on what seemed to be a 45 degree slope. As I'm too big to have the Airic in my bivi bag with me I woke up several times that night having slipped down the slope and off the mat.
Seeing a system of bedroll that incorporated the mat to prevent this would be very intersting to me (and I'm sure, to others).