Farmstand Fare

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Frank White

New Member
Aug 2, 2020
Maryland, USA
Hello Everyone!
I'm a new member from the USA.
By way of introducing myself with a "House Gift" I would like to share an easy One Pot Recipe for everyone to enjoy.
I call it River Camp Farmstand Ratatoule.
It's basically a One Pot Vegetable Stew. which you can modify with whatever ingredients are at hand.
So No Rules with this one. Dump it all into the pot
Season. Stir. Cook Slowly. and Enjoy!

It was developed during our float many seasones of float fishing trips here on the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Catch and Release Smallmouth Bass.

* Start by buying all the Fresh Vegetables and whatever other ingredients from your local Farm Stand or Market for the Pot.
(We all need to support each other in this COVID19) So you get that part.

Abd Now....Back to the Campfire.
Ahhhh! The Camp....

This is a Quick and Easy Camp Dish which you can easily modify as your own individual tastes require and prefer. Simple, Quick, Easy.
In a Single Pot - over an established fire and hot coals.
Prepair and add the following ingredients

One or Two BIG Tomato chopped into small 1/4" rough chunks.
The Liquid from the Tomatoes provides the liquid to cook everything else.
OK to ADD a little water if needed.
1 or 2 Tablespoons.
1 Tablespoon Butter.
Add spices of your own choice To Taste.
STIR these in well.
A few of my favorites are:
*Indian Masala
* Salt and Pepper to taste
*McCormick Old Bay Seasoning.
from locally here in the Chesapeake Bay Region is Excellent too

NOW for the rest of the Pot.
Keep it simple..but...your
Anything and Everything is the rule.

1 Zucchini chopped.
1 Yellow Squash chopped
Corn shaved off the cob.
Sweet Onion
Green Beans.
Yellow Wax Beans
Meat of your own choice shaved thin and Optional
It All goes into the Pot.
Sauce (Optional) whatever YOU like.
30 minutes.
Simmer and STIR everything in ONE POT over the campfire til done and ready.

So this is a my Potomac River Rat Campfire Recipe.
Its Tried and True. Easy. Quick. Simple and Fast.
AND most Supports Your Local Farmers. Itdosent get any fresher or better than that!
They Grow the foods for your camping experience...and memories.
A nice Dessert and a "Nightcap" and


Full Member
Mar 25, 2017
Hi and welcome to the forum!

Isn't it amazing how many and varied One Pot Wonders you can achieve with what seems the same set of ingredients. :)

Would love to see some photos from your fishing trips!

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