Extra Long Pegs

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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
Can anyone recommend some long (light weight) tent pegs?
Preferably with an Amazon link?

I have some decent enough Y-shaped ally tent pegs that are 18cm/7" long. I was using them today in high winds going into soft ground. And the wind pulled them out a couple of times.
I'm sure there must be some longer alternatives.
I'd prefer them to be aluminium ones for weight reasons. Titanium tent pegs are probably too expensive for something that won't get used that often.

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Dec 3, 2014
United Kingdom
Aye Up Wander,

You could try cross-pegging the ones on the side that they were being pulled out with a second (even third peg) placed at ninety degrees to the first and/or tandem pegging with a length of paracord attaching the pegs together. That way you could just buy pegs of the same type that you already have. :)


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Years ago I bought British made glass fibre pegs for sand (I was going to the Moot and had been told that the acidic sandy soil might be an issue for my chute). They weren't expensive and I bought 10" and 12" long ones. I still have them all, they've proven remarkably robust, but for the life of me I can't find a link for you.
Maybe someone else might know ? :dunno:

Anyway, sand pegs can be bought in longer lengths :)



Feb 20, 2016
you could try an old army IPK (individual protection Kit) it comes with some very good lightweight pegs. there are loads on ebay
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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
Thanks for the suggestions.
I had a vague memory of having some older, V-shaped, steel pegs. I replaced them with the aluminium ones, and I couldn't remember if the V-shaped ones were the same length or longer. But I also remember my parents asking if I had some spare pegs so they could secure down a gazebo. I wasn't sure if I gave those V-shape ones to them or not.
So I had a look in the shed and low and behold I still had them! Not only that, but they were longer as well - 9"!
OK, so they're steel rather than ally, but what's a few grams between friends, eh? And it saves wasting money on something I already have and that doesn't get used that often.
If I go back to the same place then I'll put a couple of the longer steel pegs in my bag as well.
That's that problem sorted.
Jul 30, 2012
My experience of high wind situationw is that length only works so far, its the width that you need. If the top starts going then you are knackered. Delta ground anckors work but they are bulky. I find specialist pegs a bit limiting to environment pins go into stoney ground, put pull up where y beqms are secure. I take pins backed up with short sand steaks and pin the short steaks with pins if and when, alot less bulky than y beams and more versatile. And easier to put in if youve no hammar.


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