Evenin' all

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Jan 29, 2007
Northern Doghouse
Welcome Tim, you sound like a straight up 'n' down kinda fella, about 6'4" and probably looking for a Hennesy Hammock! Welcome to the Jungle as they say and hope to be seeing more of you and your 'Box of Death' on here, if not, i'll see you at work tomorrow! :You_Rock_
Thanks for the welcome guys, it's greatfully recieved.
John unfortunately I can't do this weekend :sulkoff: .

Jed I missed phoning Paul today could you do me a favour and nag me at work the morra please?.(it's old age catching up)

Justin, I'm in a state of shock!!!! :eek:. Yes mate in the Garw (not a native though)

Cheers Tim

Justin Time

Aug 19, 2003
South Wales
Timinwales said:
Justin, I'm in a state of shock!!!! :eek:. Yes mate in the Garw (not a native though)

Excellent! I'm not a native either, although I'm starting to say stuff like ych-y-fi and cwch. when I go home folk think I sound welsh too!. Lots of bushcrafting opportunities up on the hills between the Garw/Llynfi, if you can dodge the kids racing cars round the forestry roads.
Have a look in the meet-ups section, there's a South Wales meetup on the 4th of May for the weekend, celebrating Luke Skywalker's birthday I think. :rolleyes:

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