Day Out Escaping for the weekend

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Feb 17, 2018
I was under orders to pack the van for a long weekend. My wife wanted fresh air and solitude so who was I to question her? Originally we were heading to Derbyshire but with the bank holiday we chose West Wales instead.

We always go 'off grid' in the van and by that I mean we are self sufficient. We don't stay on campsites, it's too expensive and there's always too many people! We can travel for roughly 7-9 days before resupply is needed, excluding fuel. Our first stop was here:


It was sheltered, quiet and all the day visitors had gone by late afternoon. We had the place to ourselves until a person turned up at last light in a small work van. Within minutes a small bedouin camp had been strung up among the trees. 3 tarps, a hammock and two fires burning 15ft apart . Each to their own I suppose..... all that for one man. The next morning I took the usual stroll at first light with the dog. As I returned to the van I had to walk past this camp. Fires still smouldering, tarps sagging between the trees. There were two large knives stabbed into one tree and the person had slept outside next to the fire in a thin summer sleeping bag. It had rained in the night and he was soaked. Why didn't he sleep under one of his tarps?? Like I said, each to their own I guess.....

With our breakfast routine sorted and everything packed away, we drove West. We know a quiet spot with a little cove. Great for fishing, free diving and spear fishing. When we got there it was Rammed. Day fishing boats, the little beach full of peeps enjoying the gorgeous weather. We went for a walk with the rods and flung the lures into the sea for an hour or so. Lunch was had on the rocks before we slowly walked back to the van. Disaster!! It was chokka with vans..... oh well, we don't own the place and it should be enjoyed by everyone. Up went the roof bed and I cooked a casserole in the little Dutch oven. It was delicious. We drank a beer each as the sun went down and made plans to find somewhere the next day.

Another early start. Google maps was fully investigated for likely looking spots. We found one in Snowdonia National Park. Off we go! And what an amazing spot it was....


A few other vans arrived as the day went on but noone bothered anyone else. Out came the rods again as I tried for some wild trout. After 3 hours of roving the bank I had 2 little ones which were promptly returned to the water. It was sunny so we needed a break from the sun. My boy got the binoculars out and sat glassing for nearly an hour. I wouldn't advise going into these hills, he saw a dragon and a 'massive eagle' which eats little sheep......


Another walk happened and we found a much less scary creature. In fact when you looked closely in the damp grass there were loads.....


The evening came quietly. It was silent. I know I've picked a good spot when my wife just sits there and enjoys it. We slept soundly that night. In the morning I stepped out as usual to walk the dog. We were surrounded by sheep which were quietly nibbling at the grass around the van. They weren't bothered by my dog and he's well behaved. Everyone woke up to this, and I think you'll agree, it's a wonderful view....


After a slow breakfast we packed up and headed home. A lovely break for my wife and kids.

Best wishes all!

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Mar 5, 2009
South Glos
Yeah it's a lovely area but maybe a bit nicer in winter when there's less people though. It was our first time in that area even though it's only an hour and a half from home. Will defiantly be exploring more of wales in the future.


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