Erroding Fire Steel!??

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What is the best way to stop a fire steel from erroding.
Ok use it a lot - That is a given

Mine IS OLD and little used but it is in a double O-ring sealed holder (part of a knife).

It was not stored wet.

But it is baddly erroded!

I can't find a way to attach a photo here either !!!???

Any suggestions


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Jul 18, 2004
A coating of clear (or any colour) nail polish will do the job. Scratches off easily when you need it too but keeps the damp and O2 out.

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Jul 2, 2008
Yeah same advise that I sought awhile back, I felt abit weird asking for Nail varnish at my chemist's, But yeah it's doing the job for me. and they look shiny now as well.
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And don't keep it in your pocket. You can get that white "rust" in one day from salt and moisture in your sweat.
Yes of course this is Great Advise. Though in my case I was asking as this one has spent most of several years now in its holder on the knife that is completely air/water tight due to 2 O-ring seals.
In the last 5-7 years it has probably only been pulled out < 20 times!

This was what prompted my to ask?

Thanks for helpful suggestions
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