Dutch side pouch daypack day hike. (Featuring other Dutch gear)

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Jan 26, 2021
Took the 10L side pouches from my Dutch Strike pack and zipped them together into daypack configuration. Clipped my Dutch canteen and cup onto the outside. Tossed in an emergency blanket and Dutch poncho. Added an MRE entre and a cat can burner.

Then I hit a local forestry road for a walk and lunch. It was a bit breezy so I set the poncho and ground cloth up for a wind break.

Didn’t take pictures while heating water and MRE, so staged the cooking gear after the fact.

The Dutch poncho in a plow point configuration gives pretty good coverage and room. It’s a good sized poncho. The emergency blanket is a little long as a footprint and I just folded a little bit under itself.


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