Dutch bushcraft meeting

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DUTCH BUSHCRAFT MEETING at 20-22 june 2008
People from England and other countries are also welcome, We can arrange pickup from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport for you!

Date: 20-22 june 2008
Starting time: Friday around 19.00 hours (Dutch time)
Ending time: Sunday around 17.00 hours (Dutch time)
Location: The Hoorneboeg, Hilversum. Check out www.hoorneboeg.nl for information how to get there.
Costs: Price is set at 12,50 euro p/p, which will be collected upon arrival, so bring cash please.

Special notes:
If the fire department allows it, we'll be able to make a fire. (fixed camp-fire site).
You can bring a tent, hammock or a bivibag.

Several people are bringing some form of outdoor food. A lot of people have told me that they are willing to bring whatever is needed but they're not sure what, so I've made a short list below here. (If you want to bring something from the list, let us know in the forums, before we end up with 5 whole sheep and no breakfast :)

  • beef (large strips) to make beef jerky at the saturday morning.
  • Mutton (sheep) Preff something with the bone still in it for the hangi.
  • Typical breakfast items, like milk powder, cereal, egs, bacon etc.
  • Everithing to make bread, flower, dried fruits, nuts, etc.
  • Your favorite drink for the evening fireplace, beer, wine, etc.

Program & workshops:
Due to a large number of people who volunteered to give workshop, we have now filled almost all the workshop spots, but if you have a workshop that you would like to give than please let us know and we'll find a spot for you.

Friday evening:
17.00 - 19.00: getting the location ready (looking for 2 or 3 volunteers).
19.00 - 20.00: simple outdoor dinner at the fire place for the early arrivals.
20.00 - ...: welcome + setting up sleeping spots and having a drink by the fireplace.

8.00 - 9.00: smoking & drying in the wild by ...
10.00 - 19.00: whole day program, debris shelter building by ...
10.00 - 12.00: Fire, basics and the use of friction bow by ...
10.00 - 12.00: Woodcarving by ...
13.00 - 15.00: Fire, advanced (fire saw & fire thong) by ...
15.00 - 19.00: Dutch oven bunny (skinning, cleaning & cooking) by ...
15.00 - 19.00: Hangi & salmon (cooking) by ...
20.00 - 21.00: Knives, care and use by ...
21.00 - 22.00: Personal survival kits by ...
22.00 - ...: Gear market & swapshop

10.00 - 12.00: Traps, setting and building by ...
10.00 - 12.00: Morning nature walk by ...
13.00 - 17.00: (Initipi) indian sauna by ...
13.00 - 15.00: Atlatl building and use by ...

Who's coming:
So far we have over 25 people who have said to be coming. This may grow a bit, but I think that in the end we'll end up with about 20 people during the meeting due to exams, work and social life of everybody. But feel free to invite more people and letting us know. I am keeping a list with mail adresses and phone numbers to send an information letter around at the beginning of june. Almost everybody who is going to come have said to be coming the whole weekend.




Oct 1, 2007
ribble valley
How far from amsterdam airport is the meet??
i may come if ive managed to get a job by then.Ive been to holland about 8 times i think Hollands transport system is great the trains actually run on time!


Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
the trains actually run on time!
:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
Then you were very lucky my friend :D Or you were on a good line. I'm travelling by train (Rotterdam - The Hague v.v.) about 3 times a week on average - 2 out of 5 the train is late ... 1 out of 40 the train is too early ... Bit of a shock when you realise the train already left when you walk on to the platform with in thought you still have 3 minutes left ...:eek:
Hey guys,

Back from a short vacation, I'm still interested in organizing this meet partly. I was thinking about a spot I know in Hilversum, its nice and central. (And rather close to amsterdam for those who come frome other countries).

I'll check soon to find out what weekend is actually possible. Any chances of other people joining in from England?



Jan 8, 2007
The Netherlands
Hey brother,

I'll be there, dad probably as well, and Mathieu (think I mentioned him to you) definetely wants to come.

PS: Dad found some good Billycans in some store (Dille & Kamille), he's taking one with him for me to see if it's any good.
Hi everyone, please check the OP for the date and location as its now been fixed.
If you're coming than please let us know here (or in a pm). For our oversees frieds, let me know if you're planning on coming and we'll arrange transport for you (either directly from the airport or from the Hilversum main train station.

Special question to Thijs, bro could you post a few pictures of the location? (I can't seem to find the folder with those pictures).


Jan 8, 2007
The Netherlands
You can count me in for some fishing info, either by rod or by setting a line. It would be "dry info"- if I remember correctly there's no fishing waters directly around that area.

Pics at larger size? Go here: Flickr Pics of Hoorneboeg

We could make T-shirts again...... :D :D :D



Apr 28, 2006
Sounds pretty good. Actually a home game for me since I live there.
If I'm in the country that date I'll definitely be there. Might make it a case of being there actually.
I walk past that place every day with the dog, it's a good site.