Down at the bottom of the Garden......

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Feb 17, 2018
My new back packing tent has arrived! (Thanks to all who were kind enough to buy from me as their generosity has made this purchase happen!)

It's an MSR Elixir 2, v2 in the rather bushcraft friendly green.... I have been after a parent/child/dog friendly tent for a while so that I get out in them there hills with my kids or wife or dog with more weather protection that my tarp. After some careful deliberation I chose this tent, but I wont bore you with reasons why....

Anyways..... I was so damn excited with its arrival that I immediately began preparations for an overnighter to the Dark Peak this weekend, only for my plans and dreams to be shattered by a gentle reminder from my daughter that its Mothering Sunday this weekend..... bugger. But I swear down that this tent is going up this afternoon, only instead of on some barren hill top it will be at the bottom of my garden, which to be fair, is probably the best place to try out any new equipment before putting it to the test......

But what to do? My son has already got his sleeping bag ready and expects to be having a mini adventure tonight. Any ideas? Hes 7.

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Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
How about surprising mom next morning
with a breakfast cooked from camp? Eggs pancakes and bacon? Or let youngster choose what to cook and let him do it.
At that age my son could proficiently cook fried eggs and toast on a double burner camp stove with a grill. Used to love bringing me breakfast in bed while we were camping . Adult supervision required of course untill he's a bit older.
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Dec 2, 2014
I just bought the Elixer 2 also, still in its bag was about to put it up in garden , but we have dayS of rain
So don’t want it soaking just yet.!!

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