Sold Deuter Groden 32 backpack

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Aug 30, 2011
South West UK
Colour: This is in the green-grey with a tan base and the stowable bright blue rain cover

Product page:


Closest I could find to a medium Alice Pack with a modern back system (air gap style). A good sized lid pocket as well as an under lid pocket. Three large zippered external pockets make it a great pack if you don't want to be diving in and out of the main compartment all the time.

Something important to note is the waist belt can be folded back and stored in the air gap of the back system, reducing annoying straps.

Includes a bright blue rain cover that stows in a zip on the base of the pack.

I've used this on a handful of day hikes. Condition looks great, to my eye. No noticeable dings etc.





£38.50 posted to UK. No trades, thanks.

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