Deep sea fishing and Bushcraft weekend

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falling rain

Oct 17, 2003
Woodbury Devon
Well if you can get us in down at the bottom as far as you can go down the track that would be good andyn, but don't worry too much mate. See you down there. I'm leaving Oxford at around 3pm so I should be there no later than 7pm. Crank up the old fire and get the brew on :D . Really looking forward to it. :) :) :) weather looks good too moderate southerly (12mph) winds for Sunday so fingers crossed.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 15, 2005
Well what a wonderful weekend. Great campsite for a couple of days camping with some great people, despite being a little busy - probably due to the exceptionally nice weather we had.

The only problem was that on Saturday the wind had picked up in Exmouth and when we went down there to pick up some lures, traces nad bait it was looking like the fishing trip may have been off the cards, but thankfully the shipping forecast for sunday was better and the skipper confirmed the trip was on.

9 of us met at the docks early on Sunday morning...Nick (Falling rain), Rich (Weekend warrior), Pip and Andy (Outdoorgirl), and Willowbark and her crew, and myself. After a bit of waiting for the straggling fisher, Elma, who didnt turn up we made our way down to the boat and set off.

The early start was well worth it though as it turned out to be an excellent day out on the boat. Gloreous sunshine and lots of fun had by all. Well done to Andy - Outdoorgirl's one - for catching the "fish of the day" a tiddler of a Bass ;) :D
:p Even if it was my mackeral that you used as bait :p

Wasn't an overall large catch but I think everyone enjoyed hauling in what we did including a few bass, a whiting, several mackeral, a ton of some fish that i can't remember the name of but will now be known as "the fish with one weird eye and is usless eating" :), and I've got a couple of lovely pollock fillets in the freezer now :D

Thanks especially to Nick for organising a great trip out and to all the tips you gave, thanks also to Pip and Andy for the fishing and fish prep advice it was most helpful. Thanks also for knocking together the sashmi.......have to admit it weren't too bad :D

Was great to meet everyone and hopefully another trip out might be on the cards.

P.S Shame you couldn't make it Elma :(


Sep 4, 2005
Stroud, Gloucestershire
Brilliant trip! Really enjoyed it, even though we didn't haul in the tonnes of Bass we had been promised!!
Seriously though, a really good day out that my family and I thoroughly enjoyed. As I write, my 9 year old Callain is sparking up a fire in the garden to cook his "beautiful, shiney shiney Mackeral" as part of his "hunter gatherers" home school project.

Can't wait for the next trip. Many thanks to Falling Rain for organising everything.



Full Member
Jun 21, 2005
North London
I had a damn fine time! Great camping and great company, followed by a good days boat fishing. The Cider wasn't bad either. Perfect! Thanks Nick. :You_Rock_

Now, if we could just fix the traffic on A30... :rolleyes: ;) :D

falling rain

Oct 17, 2003
Woodbury Devon
Glad we all had a good time.

It wasn't the best days fishing I've ever had I'll agree but still a nice day out on the boat and I think everybody took something home to eat except weekend warrior (Rich) Never mind mate better luck next time. :( Bass fishing is either Excellent and you go home with a full bag and aching arms or a bit slow like our day turned out to be................That's fishing though. :)
Andyn - the ton's of fish that i can't remember the name of but will now be known as "the fish with one weird eye and is usless eating" ................were Pouting They're not inedible, just taste not that great. Which is a shame because we caught loads of the blighters

As far as I remember our total haul was :- A couple of dozen or so Mackeral - 2 x Scad (Horse Mackeral) - 1 x Gurnard - 3 x Bass - 1 x Pollock - 1 x Whiting 2 dozen Pouting or there abouts. So 7 species. I'm going to start a new post about the next trip and maybe we can go Deep sea wrecking next time.

No one's mentioned that we saw Jimmy Savile yet :D

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