Decent pocketable torch

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British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Firstly it has the really annoying magnetic base. Every time I pull it out of my pocket it drags coins, knife etc. with it. Next it uses a proprietary battery I prefer something that uses interchangeable batteries so that I can swap batteries & not have to leave my torch on charge for hours. You can buy CR123 batteries that literally take a micro USB lead directly into the battery, cheaper & more flexible.Lastly the side switch gets bumped by other pocket items, turns the torch on in my pocket & its flat when I need it. A twist switch is much less likely to be accidentally turned on. Please understand I'm not a bushcrafter now, just a smallholder. I use a torch multiple times every day from checking stock in the dark to peering for stuff in unlit barns, so fancy features don't mean much, I just want reliability & functionality without pointless add ons ( like magnetic chargers or strobe lights )
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Mar 29, 2016
Non changeable batteries are not for me anymore. I’ve got my wife off disposable vapes and onto a small 18650 unit, and know a guy on another forum who had a Nitecore TiNi that failed and refused to take a charge.
Agreed, built in batteries are a nightmare, I cracked open a number of torches, tooth brushes to be able to change batteries, often the built in batteries are sub par too


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Oct 30, 2003
I have a few that I use, but I tend not to git rid of old ones, I still have my first ARC AAA and LS! I find my olight i3eos good, bright enough and simple to use. Also just got a Nebo lil' larry. Mainly for the car, but it's looking useful for all sorts.


Feb 12, 2006
I have a Prometheus copper AAA light. I like it because of how smooth the machining is when turning the head. Bright enough for most things with three practical modes.

For 2 ounces more, I have a Eagletac titanium AA. I keep bank line whipped around it too. That is included in the weight. I usually power it with a 14500 that gives me a blinding 900 lumens, if I want it.


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