Sold DD Superlight Jungle Hammock/Bivi system

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Jan 23, 2012
Hello Bushcrafters,

For sale is a DD Superlight Jungle Hammock/Bivi system. Full spces here:
Full set of course, so the hammock and whoopie slings, bug net, covering tarp, curved poles, tree huggers, stuff sack etc.

Detailed video from the DD company here:

It is totally modular, so you can use:
- The open two-layer hammock (two layer so you can put insulation like a mat between the two layers, or leaves if you're going full natural! I only ever put a sleeping mat in there...)
- Add the zipped-in bug net and tie that off, or use the curved poles to create the arched structure for the net
- Add the waterproof layer to the top of the hammock with the curved poles to remove the need for a tarp, or use the waterproof layer for extra protection to the underside of the hammock if you are using a standalone tarp. You can also use this small hammock tarp when out for the day as a small and extremely light and compact tarp.
- Use all three items on the ground as a bug-netted bivi-shelter

Asking £99 via BT/£103 via PP, includes delivery
Potential trades for Spyderco (only Ulize, Para 2 Maxamet, Navaja, Khukuri, Tim Wegner (not Jr), Impala, Massad Ayoob, Centofante C50 as well as a Chris Reeve Ti Lock, Reate Jack 2.0, Karrimor SF Sabre 45, Flux Capacitor 40-60 M/L M/L


The pack size reduces greatly if you carry the poles separately, meaning it can get really rather compact.

Used for five days in total and aired out after every use, so still in extremely good condition. The velcro attachment points sometimes tangle with the bug net causing a little fraying to the netting: no holes created in the net, but worth being careful when setting-up and packing. There is a tiny (~1mm) hole in the stuff sack, and the stuff sack has a few white scuff marks on it, as you can see in the photos.

I don't have any photos of this one deployed, but if this is an issue let me know and I'll try and find a friendly and well-treed garden to set it up in. Below is a photo of it laid out on the floor, and two of the packed stuff sack (poles outside making it much smaller, then poles inside):




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