DC4 a bit rough! Advice needed please?

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Nov 2, 2010
Yaxley, Peterborough
Hi guys I'm still fairly new to sharpening and bought a DC4 to keep in my hunting/bushcraft kit for the field but I'm not sure if it's ok?

The ceramic side is not dead smooth and has a few little lumps on it! Is this normal or a duff one that slipped through quality control? Would it effect the sharpening at all by not having the blade totally flat against the surface?

If it's not normal is there an easy way of flattening it off as I expect it would be quite a hard surface?




Full Member
Aug 25, 2011
My DC3 stone I got for Christmas was quite rough, I had a practice with a few old penknives and now its lovely and smooth.

Try something on it before you use your favourite knife

Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
As has been said, don't worry about it.

The diamond side will feel very very coarse but will smooth out very quickly (easily on two knives, if not one) and the ceramic side will have curved bumps that run all the way down - a result of the way it is cut IIRC.


Sep 11, 2003
cheltenham, glos
they appear to have changed the ceramic these days, no longer the brown ribbed stuff, it's like a very fine carborundum looking stuff. but yeah, as already said, set fire to a few kitchen knives and all will be well.

i used a brandy spanking new dc3 to put a shaving sharp edge on a sak this morning. the new'uns aren't as smooth as the old'uns, but they'll still do the job, just about.

cheers, and.

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