Day out practising my skills

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Nov 3, 2013
North East, U.K
Hello, managed to get out again over the weekend albeit just for a few hours however this gave me ample time to practice pitching my tarp/hammock configuration along with a brew. Woodland is a local patch I have permission to pretty much do what I please up there. My hobby pretty much took a back-seat the past 2 years however after registering on here iv had an urge to get out and do what I love doing.

Tarp setup along with the campfire started.

Close up of the tarp.

Water on whilst I get under way with a bit of baking.

Bannock with brown sugar and crushed walnuts.

Cooking :rolleyes:

Choice of toppings, hard decision to choose between Natural Manuka honey or maple syrup, I went with the latter :p , Quick note on the chopping board, a sterile surface to prep and hold food is vital, for the weight and size this £2 chopping board from asda provides the perfect solution.

Sun decided to make an appearance so I decided to start a bit of carving, A utensil I neglected to bring was a spatula so why not try make one eh! (First attempt go gentle :lmao: )

Close up!

Unfortunately some one had been here before and decided to burn half the felled tree :(, however there is a view from my hammock at lovely tees side :rolleyes:

Packed up and time to head back to the car.

All in all it was a good day out which allowed me to practice some skills such as pitching my camp properly as I have only been able to try it out my back garden so far! Think my next trip will be an overnighter of some sort. I think its important to get out into the woods no matter how short as after all the skills we have as bushcrafters are all to perishable unless there practised.