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Mar 29, 2016
One of the main bits of every day gear is the humble wallet, and to a point for most of us, it is an off the shelf or present wallet, that often doesn't tick the right boxes.

The eureka moment for myself, after a long search, was the countycomm maratac wallet, it was everything I wanted in a wallet, thin and easy to fix to the trousers with the para cord loop.


However, it was lacking just that bit extra space. So I did a bit of Google searching, found something, again close, but just not right.

Looking at the 'gift it on' thread I kept on coming across these brilliant hand made pouches from @spandit, I thought I would contact him and see if it was possible for a commission wallet to fit my needs.

Now I have had this for quite a few months I have had this wallet, I thought it was time to do a review not only of my experience working alongside a fellow BCUK member, which was brilliant and easy, but also of the finished wallet.

Spandit (Robin) was brilliant and willing to take on the project, with a number of material options and again willing to ensure that my needs were addressed.

What I was looking for was a woven heavy duty nylon, with deep two slip pockets, not at an angle, for small pen knife, and pencil/pen, and room for 9 credit cards, a bit of loose change and anything else slim, while being slim and not noticeable in the pocket.....this is what I got


Size comparison, the grey wallet is just that bigger, so much easier to access credit cards, an issue with the previous wallet.


Over the last few months, this has been my main wallet, with a brief return to the countycomm maratac.

Overall this is close to perfect, I prefer the webbing material of the countycomm maratac, but the usability and size of the custom made wallet has won me over, and find it difficult to carry another.

This has also inspired me to making my own, which the first try was last night, hand sown, although it is no where near as good as the one made by Spandit, it was good fun and can now understand the joy of making wallets and pouches.

Below is my efforts.


I highly recommend contacting @spandit if you have similar requirements or fancy a custom pouch.
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