Custom Nessmuk knife

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Jul 28, 2009
west yorkshire
I got this in a trade quite a while ago now, it did'nt come with a sheath and I had the intention of getting a nice sheath made for it but never got around to it.
Its a nice nessmuk knife carbon steel blade approx 5.5" with a 4.5" wood handle . I really don't know much more about it than that.
There is a makers stamp on the blade.
It has a razor sharp convex edge.

Its never been used just sat in my knife draw since i got it, so its about time to move it on to someone that will get some use out of it.

I'd like £65 (includes postage)

Over 18's only and payment via paypal.
buyer pays fees.

IMG_2072.jpg IMG_2073.jpg IMG_2074.jpg IMG_2076 (Large).jpg IMG_2080 (Large).jpg
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