For Sale Custom Fallkniven TK3 Folder for £125

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Aug 19, 2009
Selling to over 18s only.

For your consideration is this modified Fallkniven TK3 folder. The gold logo circles have been removed on both sides and filled and the blade has been patttined to make it dark grey. During that process of adding acid to the blade to darken it an remove the logo the back spring got damaged which has now been replaced.

The folder works great and is fully functional ...but the blade opens and closes and locks fine..but it is a bit stiff in the middle and feels a bit grindy/scratchy opening and closing. I think it was peened together a bit tight when it was repaired. It needs to be closed by does not spring shut when its nearly closed.

These sell for around £250, so it is priced to reflect the grindy feel when opening and closing.

This is how it looks orginally ..the scales on mine are Cocobolo...see full specs here:

Blade is 3G laminate steel

It works fine and locks and unlocks as i should.

Priced at £125 to include paypal fees and regsitered post to mainlaind UK.




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