CRUX Backpacks

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Nov 26, 2020

I'd like to present the CRUX AK range backpacks.. Because, well, I think they are worth to look at.

I own an AK70 and two AK47 (one is my GF's backpack).


(picture from my instagram)

- quite light weight (1200g the size 3 AK47)
- forest proof: you will have no concerns about branches, brambles, abrasion on the rocks...
- 100% waterproof. It means you won't need an extra poncho. Just a waterproof jacket. And yes, you can swim / cross a river with it. The fabric wont absorb moisture and therefore won't be a burden when wet.
- comfortable if loaded below 12Kg
- can carry a mat vertically (with a little customisation) : streamlined profile for easier off trail thick forest/brushes hikes.
- top pocket is quite generous

- expensive
- some people will say "it's not bushcraft". Well It's okay for me if they think that.
- the fabric of the pack is bombproof, but not the "backrest" foam. I accidentally put my backpack on the rear of a truck "face upside down". It slipped in the turns and abrased the fabric over the foam... This fabric is still "okay" for a normal use... Just beware when the pack is not on your shoulders.
- while the company is UK based and the fabric is spanish, the pack is made in China... A country that is not "social rights" friendly (I have absolutely nothing against Chinese friends and amazing culture, just... I can't stand authoritarism, modern slavery, and mass surveying.)
- there is a bright red handle on the back that I find extremely ugly and out of context. I put leather over it, but still...
- the Ak70 and 57 does not exist in olive green (and the green shown is not really a cool "muted military green")
- the side pockets can't hold mineral water 1L bottles. Wich is really, really, really a shame.
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Oct 19, 2006
Some interesting observations - thank you. How do they carry? Are they comfortable when fully loaded? I know that they are primarily designed for the climbing market which can mean that some things are compromised there! Are there any means of attaching pockets/extra bits and pieces to the outside? How well to they carry with a partial load in them?

Sorry to barrage you with questions but I'd be interested to hear your findings!


Nov 26, 2020

The carrying sensation VS a Savotta L / Berghaus Vulcan is quite different. The Crux are very close to your spine and with a higher gravity center than the military ones. You are nimbler, but also prone to rock if your pack is loaded "top heavy" (wich is usually wrong but totally doable on a permissive military backpack).

It took me some time to get used to it (I used a berghaus 80L for decades...)

The AK47 is comfortable fully loaded (12Kg max). The AK70 is VERY confortable with a 15Kg load, thanx to the well constructed hip belt (it's a fancy "2 straps per side" system that mold your hips very well).

The AK70 gave me a lot of trouble because it is a "high" pack and one should avoid putting too much weight on the top (wich I did and I realized my mistake later).


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I have an AK37. It was my favourite bag for lightweight overnights when camping and backpacking. It carried ‘alpine’ style as @Urdasein said - close to spine and higher on the hips but it could be cinched in close. I carried 4 days of food and gear on a winter trip in the Jura many years ago and with a 12kg load it was fine. I recently dug mine out of the loft with a view to selling it but am keeping it because I’d forgotten what a great bag it was.
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