Crossing river :-)

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Oct 25, 2009
Hi all,
today after several rainy days we go out on the mountain we had more snow recently, we decided to "explore" :) another step of Stizzon river...
this little river is various, so never mind about annoying...

time to stop and eat something

I used for the first time the Berghaus Airflow III recently bought on thiws forum, I'm pretty fine with it...i'll take with me my empty can, I will use it to do an improvised whistle (I'll show you later)

my blade's set for today: SY MUK, Benchmade Rift 950-1, Vic Minichamp

footprints (2 days ago, I guess) of a wildboar, you may see dewclaws that are set back and off to the side of the cleave prints

SY MUk was usefull to improvise a "bridge" to prepare a wood and cross a part of the river

any few shots...

and it's time to leave back, also because new clouds are coming...

coming back we decide to use the "normal" way :)

...ohh... this remember me we have chicken for lunch...not too bad at all :)

Ciao! Alfredo


Mar 16, 2006
Yorkshire England
Hi great photos the water and surroundings look just so clean with only wood showing as flood debris, here you would have the banks covered in rubbish and the river dark and scummy with agri. run off. Is that a green bamboo walking pole ?
Youngest daughter Justine has lived in Cagli in the La Marche region the last 21 years and says you get wildboar running across the forest roads as well as porcupine ? Thanks for sharing some great scenery.
Ciao Danny


Oct 25, 2009
Thnaks guys.
Well, the river it's actually clean, just a few bottle or a beer can on the banks, but very rare.

Here it's possible to see easily (early on the morning :): wildboar, deer, roe-deer. Porcupine: we have a lot, past year we had a little one on our garden :) On this area is present also a brown-bear (named: Dino), but it's pretty impossible to see...

Access laws to wild areas are pretty liberal here: of course you may not light fires on dabgerous areas, leave rubbish, hunting without permissions ecc., but you had access to all areas.


Feb 22, 2007
Very nice. Personally I love the Italian Alps (fascinating flora and fauna) but trying to convice SWMBO to try other mountain ranges apart from the Canadian Rockies takes a great deal of hard work and with the Euro exchange rate at present, I think I'm on a hiding to nothing.