Correct amount of meths to use in trangia burner?

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Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
Pretty sure I've read instructions from Trangia themselves that say it should be about three quarters full when settled but I've always just gone for either how much I think I'll need or (if I have a seal-able lid with me) whatever is in there at the time from the last burn.

Alongside insulating it/pouring meths in the rim around the burner to heat it up if you still have the seal in the lid then you can simply fill it and keep it in your pocket so your body keeps the meths warm. I have found this is the best thing aside the insulation and the meths in the rim (not on the floor please, not good to burn the ground unnecessarily) to help the burner bloom.


Dec 14, 2009
Cambridgeshire UK
Don't mess about trying to light it with a spark in cold weather. Light a bit of tinder around the burner to heat it up if you have to, then light it.

Otherwise just use a match/lighter, no need to make life difficult for yourself when you are using a man made item anyway IMHO.

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