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Jan 28, 2017
Had a little foray to a quiet part of the north east coast yesterday. I gave the kayak it's first maiden voyage into the salt, great weather and tides for it. Surprised how well it handled in the bit of surf that was present.

What I was super chuffed about was my first proper haul of cockles, I've found the odd one or two loose on the beach before or whilst bait digging, but I found maybe 10 or so on the surface and the rest of them by simply raking my fingers through the sand. Very therapeutic!

I cooked them up with the obvious but lovely butter garlic and cream. There is a surprising amount of meat on them! They were a bit gritty, but apparently leaving them in a bucket of fresh sea water over night sorts that out, so I'll be giving that a go next time.

I'll be trying them for bait in the future too. Watch this space!