cheap coarse diamond stone St Austell/Truro areC

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Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
Hey, I'm looking for a coarse diamond stone or set of diamond stones around the St Austell/Truro area, they need to be fairly cheap as they are going to be used for quite a lot of metal removal and might not last long. Doesn't have to be diamond so long as it's fairly coarse (coarser than a DC4 diamond side) but I don't really want to use a file as the stones will be more handy for me. :)

I've tried the BnQ and the Homebase in St Austell but they only stock the same stones as poundland do but for more than quadruple the price :confused: I've got one of those and that doesn't work very well anyway.

Is there anywhere else I should have a look?


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