Castration Rings!!!

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Feb 13, 2004
Thanks! Will try to get some from the local farm stores first. Going to make some tracking sticks for the kids too. Do you think I could get away with making shorter ones for them? Otherwise they'll be taking each other's eyes out if I make them full size.

BTW we found some great tracks on the beach today and we tracked a man with really big feet and a really big dog for ages only to find him coming back towards us! :oops: :shock: :oops:

PS. say hello to Karen for me! :wink:


Aug 27, 2003
South Wales Valleys
you'd need to do a lot of tracking to go through 100!!! What will you do with the rest?
Well funnily enough I've already had a couple of pm's from people from the weekend asking if they can have a few ;-)



New Member
Apr 17, 2003
from Essex
As these perish quickly I have found that an easily replacable method is to use elastic bands - I like to colour code these and have four - 2 x red is for distance in between prints - 2 x yellow is for width of prints.

Works for me!

Plus if pushed the bands can be used for other stuff too.


Full Member
Sep 12, 2003
if you go into your local diving shop they should be able to provide you with O rings the right size, these come in green or black and will last much longer than castration rings

however they will not be as thick so they might me more difficult to roll up or down the stick

what other forum could you have a nice relaxed discussion about castration rings and there subsitutues? :lol:

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