Carinthia Explorer Top MF summer sleeping bag question

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Feb 18, 2021
Cawston Okanagan
Hello there. Looking at the Carinthia line of sleeping bags. Seen a model called the Explorer Top MF used by Danish Forces. It is a summer bag available in XL size. To me it looks a lot like the Defence 1 bag. Weather resistant outer covering with the Gloft synthetic filling. Would like to know if this bag could he used in the summer as designed and then also be used with an inner bag for colder winter use? I have the MSS Patrol bag that is also mummy shaped and could be used as an inner bag. Thank you.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 5, 2018
I don't know that pretty seldom made civil model.

But Carinthia sleeping bags, bivvy bags, padded and waterproof suits and similar items are regularly sold to most European NATO armies. Carinthia produces exclusively high end quality products.

The product development and prototype manufacturing is located in Austria, most series products are manufactured in Slovakia, a bit is also made in Moldavia.

Both manufactures are located relatively close to the Austrian head quarter and they went there because it's easier to employ good sewers there than in Austria and the products become a bit cheaper too. Before WW1 Slovakia was a part of Austria, it's more or less Austria's GDR, and a lot of German and Austrian quality outdoor equipment brands took over Czechoslovakian manufactures after the end of the cold war. Volkswagen went there immediatly too and took over the Skoda factory.

Czechoslovakia was for centuries part of the German Empire and in the younger history always a highly developped industrial country. You know, Ferdinand Porsche for example was a German, born in Czechia.

The European NATO armies usually issue Tropen and Defence 4 and Carinthia Goretex Sleeping Bag Cover. But one could as well put Defence 1 and Defence 4 and Bivvy bag together if one preferes to have all zippers over each other.

But Tropen, Defence 4 and Sleeping Bag Cover are the here most issued modular sleep system.
(The Spanish and Dutch also issue licence versions that are made by Fesca in Spain in a lower quality and the British army issues an own copy of that system with a different bivvy bag.)

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