car boot bargins

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Apr 14, 2011
yep went to two,
picked up a mini trangia for £2 didnt know what model till I just googled it.
2 pen knives I think are SAK's might post pic's later after work for ID. they were £2 each
2 watches one KaHuna the other is Animal both £3 each
also an Epson Projector (which I expected to be dead it had no leads and the lense was filthy but not scratched) I cleaned the lense up with methylated spirits, found a kettle lead and rca leads to test it and discovered it actually works!
The guy had sold the screen to someone else just before I got to his stall, I saw him wander off with it. he obviously didnt want to risk the gamble...
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May 11, 2007
Pontypool, Wales, Uk
I did well last weekend. Nato sleeping bag liner £2, Lifesystems mozzie net 50p, two 24" bowsaws 50p each, 3 wooden jewellry/cutlery boxes £2 each, holiday document wallet 30p, and some other stuff I can't remember right now. Oh yes, and Argos tent for £2, but I only wanted it for a play tent for my friends little boy.

Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

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