Canoe looking all forlorn

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Apr 16, 2012
I can’t believe after all these years, I think the time has painfully come to sell my venture ranger 14 canoe with sail & all the kit.. set up for adventure & more.
I don’t know where to start, as it’s given me so much pleasure in body & mind,
all because my rotary cuff in my shoulder( which I injured in Huacachina Peru, sand boarding down the dunes)has given up & my knee is shot & I’m only 52 Years young.
Thought about buying a trolling motor for ease, but unfortunately I can’t even lug it around or get it on my car roof.
So it looks like all I can do is dream & reminisce & look through photos off good times.
Who else has had to part with something that has bought so much pleasure?
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Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
Feel for you. Although in regards to that rotator cuff injury don't give up on rehab. I am an "RC" survivor :rolleyes: You can get better.. Took me two years of work but I am now 90% there. Its just a very long and painful process but it can be done and most of the time without surgery.


Full Member
Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Yep, I'm going through physio for a supraspinatus tear right now. Ironically, I did it lifting my canoe onto the Defender roof rack last year :(

I've also had the torn cartilage on both knees 'repaired' (at about 50). OK, I can't kneel in the boat any more so anything above grade 2 is out, but I still enjoy a paddle :)

So, get back out there!!
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Sep 27, 2005
Oxfordshire and Pyrenees-Orientales, France
Yes, you are far too young to give up yet. I had a similar shoulder problem a few years back which prevented me from swimming or boating for two years. I have also damaged knee joints in the past. I recovered from both. Don't make a permanent change over what may prove to be a temporary issue. You'll regret it.
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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 14, 2008
A former kayaking friend got his arm crushed and nearly severed in an industrial accident. 5 years later he'd switched to freestyle canoe and was paddling grade 5 rivets! A few years later and his bad arm was string enough to get back to a kayak.

The human body and modern medicine is absolutely amazing. I'd be surprised if there's nothing that can be done for the op. Having said that after I broke my hand I kind of never got back into kayaking. It caused the beginnings of arthritis very soon after so cold and wet hands wasn't nice. But it was the way the little things like paddle blade hitting a rock on bad hand side meant I lost grip and occasionally lost it taking a swim meant I simply wasn't into it anymore. It lost its pull on me. If I had it still in my heart I'd be doing it now.

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I've been a fairly successful grouse hunter all my life. I can make it look very easy. I bought a license again this year and realized that I can't do this any more. If I got down in a ditch to retrieve a bird, I might not be able (strength) to get back up to the road. Mountain logging road ditches might be 10' deep for winter snow plowing capacity. I don't think I could field dress a bird (balance) without falling on my face.

It's over, Henchy. Wish I could buy you a drink to commiserate.

John Fenna

Lifetime Member & Maker
Oct 7, 2006
I feel your pain! I was a Level 4 coach, at one time had my own coaching business and spent the majority of my spare time in my canoe, while canoe work even took me to the South of France, Ghana and even the Orange River in South Africa.
Knackered knees, hips and shoulder (mainly caused by having fun in the outdoors!) meant that I had to sell up my boats ... I hung onto my custom drysuit and self designed and built buoyancy aid for a while but when I lost 7 stone (to take the pressure off my joints) they no longer fitted and they too went.
I spend 1.5 hours every morning doing physio/gym work just to keep mobile - or I could give in and have 2 new hips and 2 new knees as well as shoulder surgery. At 64 I do not see me being too active after I go through 5 major surgeries one after the other - giving the recovery time after each op - even if every op is 100% sucessful!
I have had to be realistic and accept my physical limitations.
I miss my canoeing every day


Apr 16, 2012
Wow guys, so I’m not alone, at least there’s a glimmer of hope.
Unfortunately I’m a S.E commercial interior builder, so having time off work is a no go.
So trying to balance things out in the long run..
I’ve considered buying a wheelbarrow as my Bergan pulls to much on the shoulder & my knee gives up with the weightso at least I can still get out into the woods.
Forever chewing on Ibrufon & paracetamol.


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Well, it all depends on what the knee problem is - if it's torn cartilage it's keyhole surgery and you're back on your feet the same day - I had both done the same time and I was driving the day after :)

Depending which of the four rotary cuff muscles you've damaged in your shoulder there's a whole range of physio exercises that will get it sorted. You can find your own sports injury physio or get your GP to refer you.


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