Camping in our new woods.

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Apr 12, 2014
middle earth
It's bank holiday half term. My daughter had said that she would like to camp out. We had had a successful deer hunt a short time ago and she was keen to experience a full night in the forest. We had a practise night in the garden which went well, and as I have recently gained permission to over night in a huge, untouched, mixed woodland, I decided the time was right to introduce her to proper, wild, 7 year old safe trips. We packed our gear. My daughter wrote her list. Now either she is an ultra light fan already, or someone is underestimating the night

After being dropped off by mummy, it was a short hike into the woods. Chatting and exploring all the way, it wasn't long before we found these little fellas climbing up our arms.

It took some time to find a sheltered site. There are so many good spots in the forest, but when you're keeping a little one interested you can't be too picky. I let her pick our spot herself, with a little guidance we ended up here.

We had a visit from the owner of the forest. I helped him shoo away some pesky trail bikers who were tearing up the forest floor and making a racket. No deer spotting tonight now eh? After a short chat with him, he let us be and I guided my daughter on making a fire with birch bark and a ferro rod.

She needed help with the ferro rod as her hands are too tiny, but we got it going and soon had a brew on.


We collected more fire wood with a Laplander and my SFA. She is always helpful and carried some dry standing herself.


I prepared a long log fire, ready for the night and got dinner on the go. I had chicken noodles mixed with smoked tuna and coffee. Little one had hot dogs in rolls cooked on the fire.


After dinner we lay in the hammock for a bit....

As evening became dusk we went exploring again. On the forest edge we came across a meadow which was full of wild edibles. I showed her some pig nut and sheep sorrel.


We found a water source so filled up our cooking pots and put them on the fire to sterilise.

Once they were bubbling away for a few minutes we put them to one side and cracked on with some very traditional toasted marsh mellows!


It got darker. Little one got tired. We got into bed and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.


It's morning.....


Time to light the fire and have breakfast.

We slowly packed up our gear then cleared away the fire properly. Little one helped spread the damp cooled ashes.

With bellies full and everything back as it was before, we hiked out to meet back up with mummy.

I thoroughly recommend getting out with your kids. We both had a great time and we're able to have loads of fun. And I got to enjoy toasted marsh mellows 'because my daughter wanted them.....' lol.

One last pic!

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Jul 19, 2005
That is just so cool on so many levels. Awesome trip and just brilliant to see your daughter so involved.
Apr 12, 2014
middle earth
That looks a very nice spot and a good trip!
It's a very nice spot. I've spent while days there and not seen anyone. There's game trails all over it but no sign of recent human activity. I came across the place by chance, spoke to the land owner by chance and everything fell into place! I'm a very, very lucky person to have almost unrestricted access to this huge woodland.

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Apr 16, 2009
Lucky bugger having that woodland to camp in, looks like a great trip out, and educational probably for you both.

It's very nice to see the trip reports coming in from the May Bank, traditionally the first proper weekend out. A few of us got ourselves to a field in Kent and had a lovely time, myself and Madam even stayed on an extra night. Batteries recharged :) :) :)
Apr 12, 2014
middle earth
Confidence in the outdoors is a great gift for a father to give his children , especially so in this so called modern world.
absolutely! i firmly believe that being out in all weathers makes for a more active and healthy childhood, rather than sitting in front of a playstation all weekend! Don't get me wrong, my kids watch tv, play in their rooms and in the garden etc, but we all get outdoors regularly as a family, sometimes just me and the kids. its great fun, but you dont even have to go far! we have a longish garden, which has some damp shady places. we were catching little frogs in there last weekend! :lmao:


Feb 13, 2016
Cumbria lake district
yeah, looks amazing, so wish I had done this with my kids when they were younger, instead of working away all the time, how easy it is loose track of the important things in life

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