CamelWill Kettle - first look

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Jan 25, 2014
Between a rock & hard place
Spotted on fleabay at the end of last month, arrived today from Hong-Kong (aka Shenzen).
They were kicking around from several vendors for just £9.99 including postage however I don't know if it's automated pricing robots, a hike of shipping fees or somebody noticed the Zebra was £12 but these Mors style pots are now hovering around £11.50. Mind you that's including postage half way around the planet so still pretty good value.

Weight : 335g , Capacity : 1.2L IMAG2940.jpg
IMAG2945.jpg IMAG2950.jpg

All stainless construction, there's a strainer inside the pouring spout, the D-ring on the lid has a bend in it so it will always be easy to hook off when hot. If you are into Dutch oven style slow cooked stews or baking it also has a Pie-dish lid for placing hot coals on top. Graduations for 300-500-700ml are stamped on the inside.

It's exactly the same diameter as an Ikea hobo stove. Pot won't fit inside stove nor will the stove fit inside the pot.
The lid is not a friction fit, if you drop the pot the contents will escape.
People will want to borrow it and not give it back


Mar 25, 2013
I have one of these pots. I fixed the no friction fit lid with a centre punch, light taps with a hammer in four areas on the lid lip. Its tight enough to lift the pot full of water by the lid alone, though not as tight that you have to wrestle with it to remove the lid.
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Apr 16, 2012
I use the Camelwill 1.2, looks the same.
all these stack one in an another with the Eagle products kettle on top.
cheap lixada wood stove & a 400ml titanium cup.
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