Buttock clenching 4 x 4 moment !

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Big Stu 12

Full Member
Jan 7, 2012
Not such an uncommon moment of off roaders, things happen and you just pukker up the buttocks, then laugh about them,.....


Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 6, 2011
East Sussex, UK
A bit like the start of this (and this is me driving!) :D


Full Member
Apr 12, 2008
Great stuff thanks for showing.

My sons in the middle of a landrover course at the moment & has been doing off road pursuit driving & gets paid for it !



Full Member
Nov 24, 2004
Was that Bovingdon? Friends and I used to go there in the early 1980's with AWDC to play and watch the safari racing. Along with looking at and inside the tanks and other bits of machinery. I like the Pinzgauer clip, it's a size bigger than my old Haflinger so follows the wheel tracks well. The little Haflinger was always lop sided as it had to run one side in the wheel trench and the other on the centre. I had a couple of those wheelies with the diff-locks in on hills. I preferred a companion in the cab as this made the front a little heavier, but there was never a rush for this space! No one ever used the rear seats except for laughing at...or the squabs to sit on when stationary. :)

Retired Member southey

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jun 4, 2006
your house!
[video=youtube;TCXwgPZXScM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCXwgPZXScM&feature=re lated[/video]

The chap in front is called a banks-man to give a visual over unseable ground, he and the driver obviously didnt have a chat about what would happen if he lost grip,
Jan 1, 2012
Bedworth, Warks
That brings back some memories Swyn - Bovington Tank Range with the AWDC in the early 1980's. The open Drive Around Days were the best, you could leave the main areas and drive what seemed like miles across the range ... only not on your own. Get stuck or breakdown and they would never find you!

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