Bushcraft Members Big Book Of Favorite Recipes!

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Alan 13~7

Oct 2, 2014
Prestwick, Scotland
a free for all to post, recipes thread Dedicated to bush-crafty recipes & ideas suitable for backpackers, campers & outdoorsy people alike........

Post your favorite camp recipes and cooking tips here!

and hopefully over time it will build into a Big Book Of Recipes!
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There are a couple of books that may be of interest:

- The Wilderness Ranger Cookbook from the US Forest Service (you may find a copy on Abebooks), a collection of backcountry recipes from USFS wilderness rangers, and
- Camp Cooking from the National Museum of Forest Service History to celebrate 100 years. I think I got mine on Amazon.

The second has a number of specific Dutch Oven recipes.

There are nice quotes and anecdotes in each.

Alan 13~7

Oct 2, 2014
Prestwick, Scotland
the idea is for members to post their own favorite recipes on here

eg Whole wheat wrap quiche

1} 1 small onion finely chopped, fry in 1 level tablespoon rapeseed oil, ½ a level Teaspoon Kucharek vegetable seasoning & a little water till soft & water is gone,
2} In a pot Add 9 wee cherry tomatoes chopped into ¼s, 3 wee mushrooms crumbled by hand to ½ a level Teaspoon Kucharek vegetable seasoning, & sweat down till tomato is mushy, mix with the onions & stir in 2 beaten raw eggs, 1 slice bacon with all the visible fat removed, pre grilled & chopped 2 bird eye chillies finely chopped.
3} Put an old Elpaso whole wheat wrap into an 8” enamel rice plate or a similarly deep ovenproof dish/plate, pour on the eggy mixture & top with 5 slice of pre grilled on one side hellome cheese
4} Bake in Oven @ 180 0c for 15 minutes, leave to go cold & enjoy.

& over time it will build in to a book written by bushcraft members for bushcraft members
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Sep 16, 2013
Rochester, Kent
Not my own recipe but....egg and chorizo wraps!

slice up chorizo and fry in a pan
Once the chorizo has been heated through add an egg and mix it all up (as if to create scrambled egg).
When the egg is cooked, serve on a tortilla wrap
Optional: add bbq sauce for that extra smoky flavour!

Absolutely delicious!


Full Member
Sep 4, 2009
uk mainly in the Midlands though
Hobgoglin Beef stew.

diced beef steak (stewing steak) amount depending on amount of people.
1 can/bottle of hobgoblin or other dark ale/mild
good healthy dash of Lea & Perrins (Worcestershire sauce)
dried mix herbs
salt and pepper
onions ( what ever type you have, I have used red, yellow or even spring onions in the recipe at different times)
During wiinter a parsnip may also be added)
1 tablespoon of oil (your preference - I use what i got to hand)

Use a large pot not a frying pan put the oil in and gently fry off the meat to brown it.
Add a healthy dash of Lea & Perrins sauce ( I like a lot so I use it).
Add all the veg or the veg of your choice.
Add some salt and pepper and dried herbs to the dish.
Pour in the ale making sure it is fully covered with about 1/2 " to 1" above the stew contents.
Put on fire and cook slowly for a long while the longer the better.
Stir occasionally as required and let it cook through.

I have put mine on a disposable BBQ and let cook for over 3 hours before now.
In the choice of ales a dark ale or mild is better because it gets into the meat more and also makes a tasty gravy.
I have also added garlic and/or chillies to it as well at different times. you put in it what ever you want and it doesn't even have to be beef :)

I have cooked it for 1 and up to 15. All you have to make sure you have a big enough pot and enough ingredients :)


Jun 8, 2017
Lazy sunshine porridge.

There isn't an exact set of amounts for this as I just throw it all in and vary it depending on what I have, but it's easy to carry around and you just add boiling water.

Porridge oats, or ready brek.
Ground almonds
Ground coconut flakes
Finely chopped hazelnuts
Dried banana flakes smashed up
Coffee whitener powder
Pinch of cloves. Anti bacterial properties
Pinch of cinnamon. Anti bacterial properties (Also don't use too much as I found it makes me too relaxed to get stuff done sometimes)
Pinch of turmeric powder. This turns it sunshine yellow which will brighten up a dull day and also have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.
Sugar if you want, but I don't bother.

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