Bushcraft in Germany

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Shadow Walker

Oct 15, 2005
Can anyone help me out on the rules / laws ect, about bushcraft in Germany.
I will be going there to work in the new year and would like to know what restriction I have got, when going out in the woods.




Jan 26, 2005
hey dude, they are something along the lines of...

1) dont go off the paths
2) no fires of any kind
3) no sleeping outdoors unless on a licensed campsite
4) no picking of schrooms (although this one is blatantly ignored...)

in my experiance, most of the grass-roots forresters in germany are well in to thier golden years and are more interested in having a beer and getting out of the house. if you get caught by a forstmiester then you'll probably be in the ****, ie, huge fines. you might be able to plead the ignorance is bliss line, but i dont fancey your chances.

i was in germany for years, and bushcrafted/camped alot in the past 3-4 years and was never caught. you makes your choice...

hope that helps

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