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Hammock Hamster

Full Member
Feb 17, 2012
Surbiton, Surrey
Just curious if anyone else reads this magazine and what they think of it.

I bought a couple of back issues in November last year and found the articles interesting and informative so decided to take out a subscription (mainly to get the free reindeer leather coffee pouch at the time).

So far I have been impressed with the kit reviews, recipes and advice though if i had to be picky about something it would be the occasional assumption that readers already have a basic knowledge of particular skills.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this magazine?

i'm half and half about it in honesty
i get it because its another bushcraft thing to read and its a good way of getting my step daughter involved we look through it together and find bits we can try out so thats the good side of it.
the bad side is in my opinion sometimes they seem to cover the same info repeatedly such as knife law, a certain chief scout gets a lot of press in it, and my biggest complaint is that there isn't enough meat to some subjects they touch on.
The best bushcraft publication i've read is the one this website used to produce i bought all the back issues and find myself reading and rereading them time and again


Apr 11, 2011
I subscribed just one year ago and the PDFs (online subscription) and I think it's very good and affordable. I'd like to compare it with Bushcraft Magazine.

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