Bucksaw Mark3

Andy T

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Sep 8, 2010
Stoke on Trent.
After watching Chisellers video on my last bucksaw i decided to have another go and change a few things. This one is also made from oak that's been stained and sanded a few times to age it. The windlass doesn't protrude below the cross piece anymore i cut a slot into the cross piece and carved the windlass to sit in it. The windlass was left slightly long on purpose so the the cord pushes it down to stop it popping out.
I carved the runes in and they stand for earth, air, fire and water. I may carve some more in yet. The joints are also tighter in this one and i added leather and antler to the tops of the handles for show. The grips took alot of carving and sanding, they give a good grip with no sharp edges. The long thinner piece of oak is a blade protector. the blade will be held in place by some leather thong and antler toggles.
The blades longer on this one, it was 21 inches on the last one and this time it's a 24 inch bahco peg tooth blade.


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Jan 31, 2005
I think it's a cunning way to get folk to cut your wood for you! Make an exceptionally pretty and functional saw like that and you get all the drooling bushcrafters offering to cut so they can play with it! Have I rumbled you? Very nice saw.


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Oct 5, 2011
West Riding
Oh Andy.......youve just become. Bucksaw King.....AGAIN ! FIERCE. love what youive done with the peg (can't use it as a bow spindle now. though :'( as will be demonstrated in. the next video B-)