Bridgedale socks

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Jul 23, 2011
Ok, first attempt at a review so I thought I'd start with something 'easy' - socks.

I know they are not the most glamourous item but they are important as sore / blistered feet anint no fun!

Bridgedale coolfusion lightweight walking socks & everyday cool max liner sock. I picked up a few of these in a sale at Cotswold Outdoors in one of their sales (just an occasional customer No link etc)

The cool max socks are (apparently) a cotton polyester (57%) mix and the cool fusion socks are 58% polyester, 26%cotton,15% nylon & 1% Lycra

I've worn them in several situations and they have performed bloody well in my opinion.

Walking In a pair of issue assault boots on various ACF weekends etc over differing terrain - roads, woodland, Heath land, fields (anyone who has been on STANTA in Norfolk will know the terrain) as well as hills & sandy beaches ive had no feet problems at all while wearing them and the Bridgedale cool max liner sock.

On warm days they've kept my feet dry & blister free and in the cold my feet have been warm - the only time I've had cool feet in the winter while wearing them was on a range day in the snow. After standing around in 4" deep snow all day my feet had started to get cold by the end of the day

Also for those times where you may not be able to change your socks as often as you'd like vie found that the two socks together kept my feet fine and kept the odour down as well!

The cool fusion sock

The coolmax liner sock

I also use just the lightweight sock without the liner for everyday wear in my desert boots for trips into town etc as they are blood comfy

Having tried all sorts of socks over the years I have to say that these have to be some of the best socks I've ever worn.

Now if bought full price they are not 'cheap' but I would say they are worth it for avoiding the pain & discomfort of blisters & sore feet!

Thanks for reading this far!



New Member
Oct 2, 2003
Hamilton NZ
+1 for that Bridgedale combo.. I bought them the last time I was back in the UK and used them along with. Spanking new pair of Lowa's to walk about 25k on Northern Dartmoor no hot spots or blisters and very comfy dry feet...

Broke the boots in nicely.. Those lines socks are really hard wearing and quick drying. A really good investment. If your walking some reasonable distances..


Aug 17, 2007
I also like my Bridgedale trekking socks (midweight). They contain quite a bit of wool and hardly smell after several days of use when hiking (in heavy leather gtx boots). Very happy with them.


New Member
Feb 16, 2012
Peak District
Best socks I've had were from Mountain Warehouse believe it or not. They were Merino Explorer socks. They could be used for days without going bad. Only problem is they really shrink if you put 'em in the machine so they must be washed by hand.

They also cheap at £8 a pair.


Nov 28, 2010
i use only bridgedale as a main sock as there the best ive worn, but coolmax liner socks i buy from mountain warehouse ,fantastic socks very light and can be easily worn on their own for daily use

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