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Dave Dickinson

Jun 28, 2017
Rochdale UK
Mines a gas barbecue Alan I've had it since we moved to the farm around 4 years ago. The back garden was a fenced off bit of moorland with 2 pic arks and a chicken pen of some description and more rubbish than you can shake a stick at. The barbecue was bought cheap off eBay in winter and almost everything else was reclaimed stuff but I got there in the end with lots of back breaking work mainly on my own but it's worth it now
I'm about to tackle the side garden I just hope that doesn't take another 4 years lol. Keep at it with the kids my lads 18 now and we still go camping

Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES The price is £27 posted to the UK. Pay via the paypal button below.