Boot resoling

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Jul 6, 2016
Looking to get two pairs of Austrian army combat boots resoled.

One pair the heels run out of rubber, the other pairs just old and slippery will be going the same way.

As you can see both pairs of boots are in perfectly good nick, other than needing a good clean and a chamois. (Dirty camera lense too)

Anyone used

Do you think they'll be able to resole these, theyre welted but im sure they could just glue on some more rubber, some nice fancy new sole or something.

Any help appreciated.
I'm not looking to replace the boots or buy new ones unless they're the same boots (new).
Unless you can specifically recommend some unlined black combat style boots with welted/stitched soles.

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Aug 18, 2005
That company is recommended. whether they can repair your boots, Probably best to contact them direct with as much info and pics as possible.
I will be using them when my Haix need a new sole.


Jul 6, 2016
That company is recommended. whether they can repair your boots, Probably best to contact them direct with as much info and pics as possible.
I will be using them when my Haix need a new sole.
Nice one, any happy customers wanna do a quick review? Haha

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Nov 18, 2020
If you don't have any joy with I do have a name to throw at you.....
This young guy will surely be able to resole your boots, I'll link his Youtube channel so it wil be easier to contact him.

It's a fairly standard job though, most decent cobblers could resole that type of boot with a Vibram combat style rubber sole.
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Mar 5, 2018
In Germany you aren't called a shoemaker master if you aren't able to put new soles onto these boots.
I guess the best old shoemaker of your town can do that easily.

Steinkogler still offers this model. Even in individual measures after appointment in his workshop in Ebensee.

It isn't said, that yours are made by Steinkogler but they surely can tell you which soles should be bought if your own shoemaker doesn't know it. I guess he can simply take Vibram soles.

Here are sold new Austrian army boots by other makers:

they also sell the heavy ones:

The Austrian army boots Steinkogler offers are slightly different, the heavy ones are an older model, and I think they are made in a better quality. But they also cost a bit more.

Steinkogler produces in Austria, but the Austrian army boots offered by Army Warehouse (in Wolfern and Pasching) can come from the neighbour countries too, nevertheless they are new and original army boots, like the issued ones.
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Jul 6, 2016
Locally We used to have a old cobbler i used to get all my polish and insoles from but they closed down a year or so ago, the only other shoe repair place is timpsons and ive been in various times over the years and always get the same answer
"We dont repair or resole footwear because the time, money and effort isnt worth it for us or you because you may aswell buy some new ones, it will be cheaper and better."

Despite the fact that it says in the shop window and on their website that they repair and resole any footwear.
Just lazy if you ask me.

If I go through bootrepair company i will certainly post a review, before and after photos and whatnot.

And thanks erbswurst i think i have seen the link to them before but i'm always put off because i cant understand any language other than english and i find it harder to trust the website but if i can get some of the same boots brand new, i probably will as a nice everyday pair of boots. And perhaps still get the others resoled and keep them, I really have a thing for them, I don't know what it is. I do love them.

I'll have a look, thanks.

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Mar 5, 2018
I didn't yet order from this internet shop, but that's a real shop with two real addresses in two little Austrian towns and a telephone number that is usually picked up if one calles them.
I spoke a few month ago with that seller pretty long about these boots and the heavy ones, and about a lot more and got a really trusty impression.

I didn't order them yet, because I think about to make an appointment with Master Steinkogler to get custom made Austrian Army boots in my individual measures.

(But I think I will buy some Austrian field uniforms from him, as they are plain olive green and pretty cheap.)

So, it's just fair that I make a bit PR for him here and translate the text into English.

I think that he is able to speak, read and write English, by the way, surely not perfectly but a bit nearly for sure, as that is usual in Austria.

Bundesheer Feldschuhe I (leicht)​

Austrian army field shoes 1 (light)

Feldstiefel, neu​

fieldboots, new

Zustand: Neuer Artikel
Condition: New article

139,90 € inkl. MwSt.
139.90 € inclusive VAT

Größe EU 38 ...
Size EU 38 ...


In den Warenkorb
In the ware basket

Auf meine Wunschliste
On my wishlist

Wadenhoher leichter Militärstiefel
Calves high, light military boot

Fußteil und Schaft aus weichem,
foot part and shaft (upper) of soft

hydrophobiertem, hochqualitativem
hydrophobic, high quality

cattle leather

der Stärke 2,1-2,3 mm mit weichem
of the thickness 2,1 to 2,3 mm with soft

Kragen aus
collar of

Rindboxleder und geschmeidiger
cattle box leather and smooth

Lasche aus Rindsnappaleder.
tongue of cattle napa leather.

Rutschsichere, robuste
Slip-resistant, robust

Gummiprofilsohle mit Dämpfungsabsatz.
rubber profile sole with damping heel.


Flexibel genähter Militärfeldschuh mit
Flexible stiched military field boot with

ganzflächig verklebter
all-over glued

Leder/Gummi -Zwischensohle
leather/ rubber - midsole

in durchgenähter Ausführung mit
in through stiched realisation with

speziell abgedichteten Doppelnähten und
specially sealed double seams and

gefräster, ausgeputzter
milled and cleaned out

profile rubber sole.

Sondergrößen auf Anfrage!
Special sizes on demand!
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Mar 24, 2016
middle of france
Erbswurst gave me a link to some small Austrian footware seller, and I ordered the boot he suggested, and I'm very happy with both of them.
I thelephoned this Austrian guy, (luckily I know to speak a bit of German) and he was very correct and helpfull, even when I found that I needed a size bigger, there was no problem, and he changed them over without any problem.
very courtious people these Austrians.
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Aug 13, 2009
I don't see why a competent local cobbler should not be able to do it. I have a pair of similar boots, which I have had reheeled locally and it looks like they have clearly been resoled at some point before I purchased them. Its the modern walking boots and trainers that are impossible to repair.
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Mar 5, 2018
Yes, that's exactly the point.
Most modern hiking shoes and military boots are throw away articles. The boots above and below here are constructed durable with the option, that every European shoemaker master is able to repair them or to put a new sole onto them.

The boots Bert talks about above are these here, sold exclusively via just one Austrian shop and made by a very small enterprise in northern Italy. As you see that's a very good offer:


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