Book on plants

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Hey all,

I am looking for a book about plants. I would ideally like it to contain information on identifying the plant mainly, but also id like it to contain information on if its edible or not and the uses it can be put to eg. Antibacterial properties, soapwort etc.

Thanks for any recommendations.



Nov 21, 2006
Hi Stinger, I don't know of any single book that would fit the bill !

There are several good fieldguides for id out there, I use an old Collins Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain & Europe by Fitter, Fitter & Blamey, but that is no longer in print I think.
For uses of plants, there is Richard Maybe's Food for Free and Flora Britannica, Tess Darwin's Scots Herbal or Flora Celtica by Milliken & Bridgewater. Both 'Flora' books are really nice books but too big and expensive for field use !
I guess someone else will be along soon who can give you some more up to date knowledge of plant books.

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