Bone buttons

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Jan 12, 2011
Give duttons for buttons in York a call. Alternatively make em. Shouldn't be hard. I bet someone on here could provide the bone.


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Apr 15, 2005
You just reminded me of a rams horn i found one winter up on catsbell , never got around to using it but think i might now plus it will have a back story as well.

thanks for the offer.

Fairly unlikely its off a ram actually as they usually keep the rams (or Tups as they get called up here) in the enclosed land and only let them at the ewes at the right time of year.
They let the ewes and lambs up on the fells after the lambs are strong enough to cope with the weather. Then the lambs are sorted out into males and females*, the males get castrated and their tails cut short and later on sent off for butchering.

The Ewes on live to breed with the few lucky Tups who have been kept in bachelor herds whilst the ewes were on the fell.

*The young females get called Gimmers before they lamb for the first time.

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