Best pound shop buys

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Dec 12, 2005
I have recently been looking around for cheap kit for my partner to join me camping and getting out.
After several visits to the different pound shops we have picked up some surprisingly decent gear so far.

Inflatable water bottle - Leeks a bit only when nozzle is open to pour anyway.

Folding shovel - Didn't get much use last time other than digging the car we arrived in out of a pit, Very surprised at this little tool.

Insect repellents - Theres a couple of options with brand names now, not bad for a pound

Mini fishing stools, only a foot high but very comfortable and fairly light weight. at some point I am going to tear of the nylon and fit leather to it but it's pretty good as is.

Tea tree antiseptic - decent enough results.

Pack of nine tins of tiger balm, good bite relief.

Garden net - makes a good net bag to keep things aired but contained. ALso bought this for a ghillie but it's not finished yet.

Jute in a tin - Pretty good at providing natural looking handle wraps...

Theres a few other thing that look half decent, but what have you bought real real cheap and been surprised with???

Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
Not very bushcrafty but their 9" metal file is pretty decent, even compared to ones costing £10+ Got two of the inflatable pillows and they haven't broken yet. Also they have those three-legged stools, I haven't used it yet and it's smaller than the usual ones - I think it might even be a child's one - but seeing as it was a pound, is really light, I can sit on it and it fits in a backpack so I'm not complaining.


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Dec 12, 2005
I think thats the same stool I have, I'm using it right now...

Would the file be a good knife do you think?


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Sep 21, 2005
  • balti pans (with the handles removed) make great bowls / heating dishes
  • assorted plastic bottles and containers for storing all sorts
  • small carabiners - useful in so may ways
  • lighters in silly quantity's for a pound
I'm sure there is more but that is all i can think of at the mo
Apr 23, 2010
I think thats the same stool I have, I'm using it right now...
Yeah, I went in the 99p shop purely becasue I have a bladesmithing/camping weekend coming up and remebered this thread.

I bought one of those little stools (I'm only 5'5 so fits me okay)
Packs of 3 glo sticks (snap 'em)
Frying pan with removable handle
Some before and after bite treatment
Bungy cord with carabiner at each end
Pack of 10 lighters

In hindsight I wish I'd bought the folding water bottle, looked quite big.



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Dec 12, 2005
The bottle holds a fair amount but it does tend to leak at the threads when you pour, or at least mine did. An O ring might fix that though.

I had the opportunity to check a car screen reflector from there at the weekend and as a roll mat, in a cold tent near the water and rainy weather, it works flawlessly, as a folded seat just for sitting cross legs if you do, like I do when working on new products.
But as a roll matt it was tested by two people, one whom had a cheap sleeping bag and it's highly recommended. SO much so she's thinking of getting five more to line the tent floor with.

I have been looking at that frying pan too, is it any good?

And don't forget to let us know hows the stuff works out for you when you get back.
Where and when is this show anyhow?


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Jan 23, 2009
My local 99p stores has "4mm utility rope" in 20m coils. Looks like paracord to me, available in bushcraft green and desert tan. Not sure of the quality, so I wouldn't use it for supporting anything heavy or valuable, but its great for making bracelets and various other knot tying exercises.


Sep 2, 2009
North East England, Teesside.
i got:
8 lighters - worked very well (and you can play about with them and make the flame huge !)
mini stool - was nice to carry in my walking pole straps on rucksack, quick to put up and down, nice to sit on instead of getting a wet/cold bum
folding shovel - came in really handy when we were told to pitch up in an old quarry what grass had grown over, had to dig out rocks from the ground.
LED torch - epic, even the handle glows in the dark in case you drop it!

Asa Samuel

May 6, 2009
St Austell.
The poundland in St Austell has walking sticks in, they aren't the collapsible type but they are fairly light and cheap collapsible ones break pretty quickly anyway. They are 38 inches from the bottom to the top of the handle so not long enough for everyone. Also, the ones with a vertical handle aren't any longer so they were far too short for me but would be good for kids.


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Aug 23, 2009
99p store near me has some pretty good stuff, got the 'utility' cord, as above works well for light duty. Inflatable pillows are awesome in a hammock, gives hammock good shape at head. Got nice little first aid kit in a tin that is pretty ok. Got a catapult with arm brace too, set up as a bait firer but got some therobands to go on it!

Whittler Kev

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Mar 8, 2009
March, UK
Had two of the bottles both split near the tap - don't bother with them IMHO.
Remember the old adage you get what you pay for so don't expect the stuff to be as good as "proper" stuff.
I've bought loads from there. The toolbox tools (adjustables etc) are cr*p. Oh...and the head flew off the hammer but the wrecking bars are good though a little small.

Old Bones

Oct 14, 2009
East Anglia
The bungee with the carabiners at each end sounds great in theory, but are rubbish in practice. You can never find anything to attach them to, and they are a pain to use. Stick with the normal kind (which Poundland also sell).

Kit which is OK? Inflatable pillow (although not as cheap as an old wine-box bag - apparently they're known as a 'Glasgow Pillow'), 9 led torches, emergency blankets, and (if your lucky), the stuff sacks. Mine had a small hole in the bottom where the stitching had come loose as soon as I took it out of the is not cheap, expensive is not expensive.


Feb 10, 2009
I found a liner for one of those hydration kit things, the sort with a plastic tube and a squeezy nozzle for drinking. It holds 4 litres and can be hung with the nozzle end up. I've been using it for a year and it's surprisingly durable.

I also bought a "Flight Bottle Set", for taking fluids in hand luggage - 100 ml x 3 and one with soap dispenser, all in a fairly tough looking zip-lock bag.
We'll see if they'll take olive oil without leaking, always a problem.


Feb 27, 2005
Saudi Arabia
I picked up a few metal mugs in one a few years back.
same size as a 10cm zebra billy.
I think I gave them all away to various deserving people.


Jul 23, 2010
Poundland has lots of useful little bits, I got a kneeling pad for gardening - its a green foam pad just the right size for a seat when out in the hills instead of getting a wet a*s, also doubles as back padding in my pack when carrying it.