Berghaus Munro? Sabre 30? Cuillin 2? So many daypacks...

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Mar 5, 2018
I find it pretty interesting that the German army currently doesn't order an own pattern but simply issues the China made Munro and the Atlas.

I guess that the Special Forces tried out all offered models and did choose these two. Traveling I see a lot of plain olive green Munros used by soldiers on the railway, but I also already found a Flecktarn version.



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Oct 19, 2006
I have got a Munro which I used to use as my day pack. It is a simple, arguably fairly crude beast when compared with the Savotta Jaakari M that I now use for that purpose. I reckon that, if you want something that offers a bit more flexibility and is significantly more comfortable, go for the Savotta option.


Sep 8, 2021
so my Munro arrived yesterday - so far so good! not too big (only a little taller and deeper than my North Face) but the single compartment means there's a lot more internal space - I ordered a 40L drybag as a liner and I can easily fit things I need to keep dry but not always be accessible in there, with plenty of space for a waterproof jacket and stuff like binoculars etc on top.

I've realised I will miss the mesh water bottle holders on the side of the north face, but I think I can use a carabiner and the compression straps to secure a waterbottle to the outside of the Munro, but I might try and pickup/get my wife to sew some sort of side pocket... otherwise it's all good and I'm looking forward to taking it out next week!
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May 17, 2011
And that’s what I like one deep single compartment, no fuss. Just the right size to stop you over packing. I just stuffed a waterbottle down the side outside of the dry bag. Which was usually a thin but strong garden bin bag cut down to size. That’s all you will need really and it’s easier/space saver.

Otherwise just get a cheap civi side pouch and attach it or some Brit army webbing pouch. Most of the time when you want a drink the bag will be off your back so keeping it inside isn’t a problem, especially nearer winter if you use a flask for hot drinks.
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