Sold Ben orford woodlander

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Feb 8, 2010
B6DEF452-C9A5-486B-9D50-AB81294F7604.jpeg 2C4BFCE9-A2B2-4CFD-BEA9-983108FD2192.jpeg 5017CD7D-0CA7-4DD9-8C6E-5C50FD805DD1.jpeg FB4BA903-92EA-4D4B-81A0-A1EA1B4E1BE7.jpeg 58F5A95D-D0E8-4BC8-8BC2-A38436CB46E3.jpeg A14E023D-3FF4-40E7-B765-6BB6F3C6EC8C.jpeg FBA30CE8-67EE-4F38-BE67-036130DA184E.jpeg as above in two tone English yew 01 steel brand new never used or carried with dangler sheath with fire steel £250 inc post
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